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Want your garden to look better? Tree shading your house? Just don’t know where to start the garden clean up again?

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Our Landscape Tree and Garden Services

Tree Work

We do tree work to enhance the aesthetic look of your tree(s) or it can be as drastic as the complete removal of problem tree(s). 


Mulching & Chipping

Our commercial chipper reduces prunings to mulch for the garden to hold moisture in the ground, make the soil fertile and suppress weeds. 

Landscape & Garden Advice

Want help improving your garden and creating great spaces for you to enjoy.

 We offer a free consultation so why not contact us using the details below?

Plant Supply & Planting

We can provide a supply of suitable plants to complement existing planting from trees and hedges to shrubs as natives and/or exotics plus a planting service if required.

Garden Cleanups

We can give your garden some tender loving care to bring it back to its former glory and do a one-off clean up for you and then let you enjoy it again. 

Hedge & Shrub

We trim, tidy and reshape your hedges or shrubs in your garden to ensure your garden looks great all year round.

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